PawLitically Correct offers in home dog and cat behavior modification and training in the Washington DC metro area. 


We are committed to improving the human-animal bond through positive reinforcement training.



Cat Services-
Including but not limited to:
  • Litter Box Issues

  • Destructive Behavior

  • Cat-Cat Introductions

  • Cat-Dog Introductions

  • Aggression

  • Fear

  • Anxiety, Stress

  • Kitten Socialization


Dog Services
Including but not limited to:
  • Resource Guarding

  • Life Skills, Manners

  • Crate Training, House Training

  • Dog-Cat Introduction

  • Reactivity

  • Aggrssion

  • Fear

  • Puppy Socializations

Types Sessions Offered


Pawlitically Correct offers in home sessions and remote sessions via Skype, email or telephone.  Not all behavior concerns are appropriate for remote sessions, we are happy to offer you guidance in deciding what type of session is the most appropriate for your needs.



In Home Sessions-Includes post a visit recap email.

  • Initial Consultation-$150 for our first 1.5 hour meeting.  We will discuss your goals, observe any concerning behaviors and create a personalized training plan. 

  • Single Session-$125 for a 1 hour session. 

  • Package of 4 Sessions-$400.  This includes four 1-hour sessions.

  • Package of 6 Sessions-$600.  This includes six 1-hour sessions.


Remote Sessions-Conducted via Skype.  A recording of the session will be sent to  you.

  • Single Session-$80

  • Package of 4 Sessions-$240

  • Package of 6 Sessions-$360


Due to the novel coronavirus, COVID 19, I will only be scheduling remote sessions until restrictions are lifted.  

What to Expect


Prior to our first session you will be sent a history form for you to complete and submit before we meet.  If we are doing a remote session, you may be asked to submit videos and pictures of the concerning behavior and environment.  After your session you will receive a training, behavior modification or environmentl modification plan.  It's important that you stick to the plan and recommendations to achieve the desired outcome.




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 Pawlitically Correct

Pawlitically Correct is a private training service.  We utilize positive reinforcement techniques to help you and your cat or dog reach your goals.  Positive reinforcement training uses rewards (food and praise) to increase the behaviors that you want from your cat or dog, rewards based training helps to create a positive association with things they may be frightened up, it also increases the human-animal bond. 
By offering private sessions we are able to customize your training to suit your needs.  One on one training allows everyone, human and companion animal, to learn at their own pace without the pressure of a group setting.  You can choose exactly what you want to accomplish!


Lisa Stemcosky, CCBC, CPDT-KA, SBA


Lisa is the only Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC) in the Washington DC metro area, she is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).  Lisa is a Behavior & Training Specialist at the Humane Rescue Alliance, DC's open intake shelter, where she works to improve the lives of shelter dogs and cats by educating the community, teaching dog and cat training classes, and working with shelter animals.


Lisa is committed to reducing the number of cats and dogs entering the animal sheltering system by helping to keep cats and dogs in their homes though positive reinforcement training.  She believes this can be done by bridging the communication gap between humans and their companion animals and by building a foundation based on mutual trust and respect. 

In 2017 Lisa was selected by the Jackson Galaxy Foundation to be a mentor in their Cat Pawsitive initiative, a positive reinforcement training program for cats in shelters throughout the United States.  She has also presented seminars and conducted workshops on cat behavior and training to DC area shelters. 


Lisa is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Canine Good Citizen evaluator and is Pet Tech trained in animal CPR and first aid.  She currently lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington DC with her husband and two cats, Camden and Whitlow.  


Continuing Education


-American Association of Feline Practitioners Conference 2016

-Ken Ramirez-Reinforcement Strategies; Complex Tools; Social Animals - Working with Groups; Aggression Reduction Strategies 2016

-IAABC Conducting Remote Feline Consultations 2015

-Sue Sternberg-Aggression and Socialbility Seminar 2015
-International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 2015 Feline Behavior Conference
-UC Davis International Feline Health Conference 2014
-International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 2014 Conference "Genetic Basis for Canine Behavior"
-Karen Pryor Clicker Expo 2014
-Open Paw Workshop by Kelly Dunbar 2012
-Match Up II Workshop by Dr. Amy Marder 2012

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